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“Composition is the soul of my paintings. And when the composition is right, everything else falls in place. Composition automatically becomes a driving force to guide all the sequential activities of the process of painting which could then be manifested in any medium I choose. There is a sort of thrill associated with small discoveries in the techniques which just come up and this is what I really enjoy the most. For the works that demand minute detailing, efforts in getting the drawing right in the first place really pays off. Once the structure and plan of the painting is ready, the colours simply join in to play the visual orchestra. Besides using oils, watercolours or inks in my works, I have also come to find soft pastels as a very versatile medium which I feel has good ‘fluidity’ and brilliance. It’s a pleasure to watch the pigments of my pastels crumble adeptly into fine particles which then take their appropriate positions within the pores of the paper’s surface. The final result is pure happiness! I welcome you to join me in this beautiful journey.” 
– Pradeep Wahule

About the Artist

Pradeep Wahule is an Indian artist, who has been practising his art for over 25 years.

From his early years, he was inclined towards learning and understanding fine art. He was always intrigued by lives and works of great artists from India and across the world.Observing nature and its varied aspects from an artist’s perspective, he was sensitized towards glorifying and preserving it. He pursued his studies in life-sciences and simultaneously trained himself in art. As an educator of natural sciences for over six years, he worked towards spreading awareness about the importance of life forms and their beautiful habitats amongst the young minds. To raise the level of his outreach, he joined the Indian Forest Service in 2009. He has been actively working towards environmental conservation and helps people develop an emotional connect with nature through his work as a civil servant and as an artist.

He believes that art has a tremendous potential to change our lives and the way we think about life. It has an innate spiritual quality which can only be experienced at an ethereal level.Learning about the great masters in art provide him the required insights to explore a variety of mediums and themes. He loves experimenting with new tools and techniques.

Every piece of art he makes, be it a landscape, portrait or abstract, is essentially an extension of his own belief and philosophy of life’s experiences that has led to its creation.His effort to portray the rich cultural heritage of India has been widely appreciated. His passion for exploring newer realms of art always keep him motivated to paint. His works adorn the public and private collections.

He lives in Dehradun with his loving wife Rashmi and two adorable kids, Abhay and Amit.



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“In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts; they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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