Celebrating The International Day of Forests

Celebrating The International Day of Forests

On World Poetry Day
Meandering through a labyrinthine trail,
I see a grove of centennial trees;
Under an elysian, beryl sky,
They were lithely swaying, with the breeze.
At once, I went and stood amidst them,
Beholding glory of their sublime creation;
I knew they had a story to tell,
As I closed my eyes, in contemplation.
Mellifluous songs of the wood-birds, I hear,
With a gentle burble of a stream nearby;
Crickets chirping from their homey cloisters,
And leaves fluttering, to touch the sky!
Mighty trees of the grove have given their all,
And ever so providing, for each one there;
This small world’s kinship speaks pure bliss,
With no dearth of space, food, water and air!
Trees are the harbingers of hope for man,
They are full of wisdom, patience and sacrifice;
I too am a part of this kindred lot,
The epiphany struck as I left this paradise!
(From “The Meanderings”: A collection of Poems and Paintings)

-Pradeep Wahule

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