‘Promises for the motherland’

‘Promises for the motherland’

Our country has come a long way
With still a very long way to go
Proud are we to be born in her womb
With gratitude, before her we bow

Glad are we to be born on the free soil
And so alive to rejoice this day today
Sacrifices of worthy daughters and sons
Have made us see the light of day

This beautiful land of diverse cultures
With a rich history that inspires
There’s everything here for everyone
And for every heart that aspires

But then we have promises to keep
To live the nation of our dreams
We shall strive to keep our flag up high
With fervent efforts and all possible means

Let us then take care of our forests
Our rivers, mountains and the fields
Let us take care of our birds and the bees
And everything beautiful this land yields

Let’s promise clean air for our children
And undefiled water and soil
Let their laughter resonate all around
For which we must relentlessly toil

A just society with dignity of life
Where no hearts are filled with fears
No one goes to sleep empty stomach
And where no eyes are filled with tears

Let’s prove to ourselves as her worthy clan
Strengthening her dreams be our endeavour
Never shall we falter in our duties
This is the promise we must keep forever!

-Pradeep Wahule

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