The Teacher

The Teacher

Oh! Teacher, the Pupil pleads
Show me the path, show me the way
I am lost in the quagmire of life
Please help me
Please guide me
To thee I pray
Yes my child, says the teacher
And an assuring ‘yes’ it was
The pupil left content
With a solace in his heart
Didn’t know how to thank
With eyes full of gratitude
The assuring ‘yes’ had paved a way
Towards his aspired fortitude.
The teacher now alone
Questions his own soul
Introspecting over his mortal limits
And his earthly incapacities as a whole
How can I be endowed with such miraculous powers?
When I am much a human being
Like my pupil and others
The Divine intervention reveals itself
And the Teacher finds the answer
Within his mortal limits
Lies the immortal strength of the Almighty
And his work is nothing but
An extension of THAT Almighty!

-Pradeep Wahule

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