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Heart of a woman

She seems to be facelessIn this world of menThe tempestuous whirlwind aroundEngulfing her deep into the dark… Undeterred and stoicShe smiles back with fortitudeSo vulnerable she isStands firm in the stormAsserting, she is a womanAnd equal as any man!

On Motherhood

Incessant is the waitThe nights restlessAnd the heart full of disquietudeThe mind in tumult unsurmountableImmersed deep in solicitudeBut the thoughts are eternally connectedEver so fondlyTo the child growing in her wombThe love and tenderness is nurturingThe flower inside her to bloomAnd then a mother is Reborn!In the torments of laborOnly to witness the ecstasy andEnraptured …

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Wishing you well : Pandemic times

Humanity in the lurking fearThe lurking fear of darkness and doomIncarcerated in the cocoonOf moribund solitudeWants to be free soonThe cocoon will break openAnd it certainly willMetamorphosing the soul intoThe flights of ecstasyBreathing life againAll withThe power of will!

Celebrating The International Day of Forests

On World Poetry DayMeandering through a labyrinthine trail,I see a grove of centennial trees;Under an elysian, beryl sky,They were lithely swaying, with the breeze.At once, I went and stood amidst them,Beholding glory of their sublime creation;I knew they had a story to tell,As I closed my eyes, in contemplation.Mellifluous songs of the wood-birds, I hear,With …

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